Security and protection of the site and our solutions

Security and security of and the complete solutions (products of the company) are a whole range of technical solutions for security. These are several levels of protection against most known attacks. Each level seriously enhances the security of our solutions.

Proactive protection is a complex of technical and organizational measures, which are combined with a common security concept and allow to significantly expand the concept of security and response of the site and our solutions to threats. One of the most important tasks for owners of our solutions is high quality and reliable protection against hacking, hacking and theft of information stored on the site.

Proactive Filter - provides protection against most known attacks on web applications. IN a stream of external user requests, a proactive filter recognizes most of the threats and blocks intrusions. The filter action is based on analyzing and filtering all data from users through variables and cookies.

Activity control provides protection against over-active users, software robots, some categories of DDoS attacks, and also prevents data parsing attempts by brute force. The maximum user activity for our solutions is set to be no more than 5 requests from one ip address in a certain period of time.

The Log records all IP-related events that occur on the system, including normal, unusual, or malicious events. The online logging of these events allows you to view the corresponding log entries as soon as they are generated. In turn, this allows you to detect attacks and attack attempts at the time they occur. This means that retaliation is immediate and, in most cases, prevents attacks.

What do these security and protection technologies do in practice? Accurate analytics for financial transparency on click-to-click rates and assured confidence that the solution is being used by specific users rather than emulated robots, bots, etc.

  1. Proactive protection
  2. Built-in firewall
  3. DDoS protection
  4. Total IP address control