Delivery of electronic products Vinalfa

After a successful payment, the personal office will activate the subscription to access the original directories you selected, and also activate the management, statistics and technical support contacts sections. IN case of loss of payment or failure, we can check additionally in manual mode.

Speed of delivery

Delivery speed depends on the selected payment option. Therefore, for the fastest activation option, you should choose the payment options: A plastic card or an electronic payment system. When you pay by a cashless payment or receipt from Sberbank (or other banks), you can speed up the delivery of your order by sending us a confirmation of the payment (copy of the receipt, payment).

Typically, e-subscriptions are delivered within 2 minutes after payment is made and confirmed. To account for all possible delays, we guarantee electronic delivery within 48 hours of payment arrival.

Accounting documents (for legal entities)

After payment and delivery of the subscription, all necessary accounting documents will appear in the personal office.