How do I get my paid subscription back?

Due to the technical features of the delivery of Vinalfa software solutions, it is not possible to return the purchased subscription plans for the solutions. This is because when you receive payment for a software product, a unique token is generated to activate your subscription instance, which is an integral part of the delivery. FROM the moment the specified token is generated according to your order, the product is considered to have been used, making it impossible to return it. We look forward to understanding and ask that you carefully review your subscription options before you purchase.

Vinalfa provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the composition of the subscription package or to simplify the work of the catalogs on the pages of this site before the purchase. Please use all available ways to familiarize yourself with the features and features of your subscriptions in advance, as we will not be able to make a refund once you purchase.

The software solutions of vinalfa are supplied «as is». However, if errors, failures, or other functional inconsistencies or deficiencies occur during the functional use of the solution, they are resolved through technical support. Technical support for each issue is provided by Vinalfa developers.

Cash can only be refunded if payment is made incorrectly. The refund of the money is carried out on the application from the buyer in the same payment method as the erroneously listed money was received. The Commission for carrying out the transaction for the return of funds, if any, is charged at the expense of the buyer. Application Email